With over 18,000 members, Vistage is the world's foremost chief executive leadership organization. Portland has over 220 members in 14 groups with five current chairs – one of the fastest growing memberships in Vistage. Vistage's Executive Leadership Program provides unparalleled access to new ideas and fresh thinking through monthly peer workshops, one-on-one business coaching, speaker presentations from hundreds of top industry experts, business networking and an extensive online content library of articles, best practices, podcasts and webinars. Executive Leadership Programs provide an advisory board of CEO peers who offer support as you tackle important business issues.

This top executive network started from very humble beginnings over five decades ago. One October morning in 1957, a Wisconsin businessman named Robert Nourse met with four fellow chief executives in the office of the Milwaukee Valve Company to test a simple, yet revolutionary idea – share knowledge and experiences to help each other generate better results for their businesses.

Soon this group of businessmen was probing, asking questions and making suggestions. They challenged each other, working together to solve issues and grow. At that moment, TEC (The Executive Committee) and the first Executive Leadership Program was born.

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Today, Vistage Portland (TEC's successor) and its global affiliates operate in 16 countries. Executive Leadership Program members meet in small groups every month under the same guiding principles – to help one another make better decisions, achieve better results, and enhance their lives. Members of Vistage Executive Leadership Programs are also connecting in ways Nourse could never have imagined, collaborating online, tapping into a vast content library, and learning from hundreds of top industry speakers.

Vistage-member companies generate nearly $300 billion in annual revenue and employ approximately 1.8 million employees around the world. Studies have shown that Vistage-member companies outperform their competitors and, on average, grow their revenues at three times the percentage growth rate after joining the Vistage Executive Leadership Programs.

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